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Bridles made to measure


If classic or doubled, as bridle or double bridle,
also here our name stands for function and high quality!

Our bridles feature a classical, clean up design
with functionality and the highest quality.
We use our specially made bridle hooks that make
the changing of bits easier. Our super soft crown
padding protects the sensitive poll muscles of your horse.

Another novelty of our bridle is the noseband, which has an interchangeable and detachable strap holder.

If classic (flat) rolled or doubled, first class leather
promises a long life and a wonderful feeling in your hands.

Too short brow bands, long throat straps and too
narrow head-collars – everyone knows that –

but there’s a solution coming up!


for bridles

With this form you have an exact instruction
for taking measurements.

After receiving your form by fax, you receive
an offer from us. After your binding order
you will receive your bridle within 12 to 14 weeks.


Form: Measurment for bridles...


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